11:05pm tournament didnt start

I entered the $400 guaranteed tournament at 11:05pm and it didnt start. Account wasnt refunded.

Hi, do you have the tournament number please so we can check this.

The tournament isn’t on my mobile app because never started. It’s the 1105pm 300 guarantee $8.80 Omaha hi/lo. I registered and it never started.

I registered for it 1042pm and it didn’t get enough players. No tournament number shows next to buyin history and it isn’t on the list of tournaments. If you look at my buyin history and the tournament. You will see it never started and I never received refund. Things are so difficult here.

Sorry. It was the 1105 $400 guarantee $8.80 buyin. I can’t find it on tournament list to give you the the tournament number. Again, I registered 1042pm. And the the transaction is right on my account but the tournament isn’t listed with the number. I think 4 of us registered and it never started.

If you look at the tournament that is the 8.80 buyin that was supposed to start at 1105pm and my transaction history you will be able to see that the tournament isn’t listed because it didn’t get enough players…but my ACCOUNT was not refunded.

I checked and there isn’t a tournament number under transaction history. You will be able to see the deduction and the tournament that was supposed to start never did.

I am extremely disappointed with the service here. I have spent over 17k in tge last 6 months and I have had issues the last 3 weeks due to your server issues and I didn’t get all of my buyins that were owed to me. I accepted your answer and made more deposits and now I have to spend all night trying to track down a buyin for a tournament you didn’t start because there weren’t enough players. You never ran the tournament. I gave you the time, buyin and the time I bought in. Terribly disappointed.

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This has now been credited. Apologies for the delay.

Hello Davy, I signed up for the PLO $75+7 last night 6/14/22 10:05 est and today PLO $75+7 today 6/15/22 5:05 est. Both tournaments were cancelled due to not enough players. I have not received a refund for either tournament. When should I expect the refunds?

Davey it just happened again. I signed up for PLO $75+7 6/15/22 10:05 pm est. The tournament was cancelled due to not enough players. That brings u the total to 3 PLO $75+7 that I have not been refunded due to tournament cancelled. Thanks in advance for your help!!!

I had on last week for 55 buy in and one today for 82 buy in. Neither tournament started and neither buy ins were returned. Have both tournament numbers

@Tq1111 we’ll send you a PM

How is it possible that tournaments that don’t begin aren’t credited immediately the second they are closed?


Were you affected with any canceled tournament?

If you are talking to me, not yet, but I can’t believe it is an actual thing.

Poor coding, hopefully.