3 table SNG's not showing up in the MTT lobby

The $1.00 3 table sngs and $2.00 tables do not show up in the MTT lobby with the others.

Are you able to see these in the Lobby if they are available somewhere else?

Filtered for MTT and you can see all the 3 table sng’s including the $1.00 and $2.00 tables.

#1 note the filters. there is no buy in selected but tables show up.
#2 note the $1.00 and $2.00 tables do not show up

If you click on the Micro tables in the second photo do the $1 and $2 tournaments appear? Trying to clarify if this issue is more with the tournaments that are still showing or the ones that aren’t.

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no they still do not appear

over 2 weeks and still not fixed…

We’ll check back in on the progress of this. As it does show under Sit n Go; its possible that it is isn’t treated as an absolute priority right now

On review, we have received word that like the issue brought up HERE, this is actually due to these tournaments being part of the promotional tournaments and intended. Technically these tournaments wouldn’t normally be part of the scheduled tournaments tab unless being promoted and we recommend using the Sit & Go tournaments page when tryin to find specific SnG’s.

As the micro stakes tournaments aren’t being promoted in the above picture they aren’t shown in the tournament lobby. If they were, they as well would show up while some other SnG’s would not.

As this likely won’t and can’t be changed we’ll be moving this to ‘dismissed’ but thank you for bringing these up as they were certainly valid observations.


why do i even bother reporting any bugs…almost none have been fixed that i reported even a year later.

even as something as simple as this.

if i filter micro stakes i have to see a list of MTT that cost $100 to enter???

but i cant see actually $1.00 and $2.00 micro stakes MTT when i filter for micros…

just unreal.

how about make me happy for a change and fix a bug i report.

how about tell them to promote $1.00 and $2.00 sng MTT along with the others.

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yeah, I had a similar experience tonight. I registered in a $1 3 table sitngo and then in vanished. Im not sure if I was refunded or not, I should probably check. It had 14 players registered at the time

@player1 The issue here is that this isn’t a bug, it’s intentional and these are promoted tournaments. Further, ultimately the Poker Team does promote these tournaments at their discretion so while we can provide feedback it won’t ensure that the $1 and $2 SnG’s will be promoted.

@Jerm12 This isn’t quite the same situation as @player1 was talking about SnG’s not being visible on the scheduled tournaments page, not a tournament disappearing entirely. Let us know if there seems to be any issues from this, but if a tournaments that was scheduled wasn’t run, it would generally lead to you being refunded.