5 card plo? Run it twice option?

Is there anyway this could possibly be added soon? Or would this be costly to develop? Also adding a run it twice would be a nice addition.


Hi @TheTiltinator,

Thank you for your suggestion. We’ll make sure that it get escalated to the appropriate department.

Once we have an update in regards to this, we will notify you here, on the Forum.

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I’d love to see that option in all cash games.


Would love to see a run it twice option be available in all cash games as well.


yes please run it twice.


Run it twice would be a step in the right direction, although there are numerous other issues that need to be corrected too.

Any update to any of this?

Non yet… id love to see 5 card plo and even 6 card plo added… itd be nice to have variety of cash options… ignition would see a bump in traffic if they offered both these variants… no other site has 5 or 6 card plo

Run it twice option would be nice. Some major sites do it well. I think pokerstars has that option. Keeps the recreational players around longer too (they’re alot less likely to get stacked).

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Any update on any of these inquiries?

Nothing yet! We’ll let you know when we hear back :slight_smile:

The level of traffic for online plo/nlhe isn’t what it was back in 2003-2010, even if it’s seen a Covid-19(84) bump. They probably won’t add 5/6 card variants of the game until they can be reasonably sure that doing so wouldn’t divert/dilute traffic for the rest of the games & stakes.

I’ve often been on and had a hard time finding a second table of 5/10 or 10/20 PLO. Zoom variants never have any plo games going and when they have Holdem traffic the stakes are very limited. I don’t see any new games/variants coming down the pike any time soon.

The run it twice option is a little more realistic IMO. I don’t see any downside for ignition/Bovada/network and it’d be a good way to satisfy a request that surely a good number of players have been asking for and has been standard on other networks for years.

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Seems like a reasonable explanation, one can always dream lol… and run it twice seems like a no brainer

they should be the first to have the “run the remaining deck” option.

Haha run the remaining deck. Lolll

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