50% match crypto bonus thur-sunday

This bonus is complete fraud. I made a $185 dollar deposit. You would expect to have $185 in the available balance to withdraw or play what ever you want to play. The 50% match which is $92 would be placed in the locked bonus until you have played the 35x wager amount to be able to have access to it. That’s not how it is. You guys took my $185 deposit and placed it into Locked funds and had my $92 for bonus funds. So I would have to play and wager 35x to receive my own money that I deposited. I want this matter to be answered. That is not a bonus anybody would want. Take care of this matter please.

@Trunkmiami this is how the bonuses work. I’d recommend you to check couple of articles from Help Center:

If you DONT want the bonus, you can always forfeit it, other than that, welcome to online gambling. That’s exactly how it is.

If I would have forfeit the bonus I would have lost everything,including my deposit and I’m sorry but I know online gambling. This is not a bonus but a scam. Who in their right mind want a bonus where it takes your deposit and you have to wager 35x to get half of what your deposit is worth. They don’t tell you this crap and even in the description of the bonus they still don’t tell you. How convenient before I started they wouldn’t even take my chat but after they take my chat in a heart beat. I’m still waiting for my weekly boost that I never received for the past three weeks. All I do is deposit crypto. I have deposited $15,000 in less than a month and still haven’t gotten my weekly boost. Even the last chatroom guy I talked to says you haven’t gotten because your not a club member but now you are and you will receive your weekly boost in 48 hours. Guess what??? No weekly boost.

You want to know what a real bonus is??? This is how it should be and this is how you made it seem. You make a deposit And that’s your money to play with. Your 50% match should be your bonus funds and if you play 35x that of your match then you receive your bonus match. That’s how it should be. You trick people into this was scam. Then show them the rules at your convenience. Why would anybody take that bonus??? It’s not a bonus. It’s a scandalous way of taking your money.

People take that bonus in mass, daily. I did 4 times in the last 3 years, I don’t like them, so I don’t take them.

You’re taking house money to extend your play.

And no, if you don’t burn through your deposit amount, you CAN forfeit the bonus and whatever is left of YOUR funds that you didn’t play, will be fully available. This is why your deposited funds are used first before bonus funds are used. You would still just have to do the 1x playthru in order to be able to withdraw.

Not entirely sure what you were seeing, but it was all pretty clear.