A couple of suggestions

I really like that this internal board gives us an opportunity to suggest things we’d like to see.

That said, two suggestions.

  1. Omaha hi/lo double up SNGs.
  2. Some kind of 3 Step, 6-max SNG ladder under the Hundredaire or Thousandaire moniker.

@JL8181 We appreciate the feedback and suggestions. So that we can provide the most accurate feedback to our team; can you elaborate a little further on your 2nd point and what that would entail.

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Absolutely, back in the height of online play, the site that let you learn, chat and play with the pros had two alternate forms of currency, normal tournament dollars and tokens. The tokens came in $27 and $75 and were a phenomenal way to build a bankroll.

First step was $6.60->$27 token
Second was $27 token->$75 token
Third was $75 token-$215 tournament dollars

With the new three tiered Monthly Milly steps, it would be cool to have other three tiered SNGs that end with $100 or $1,000 under the Hundredaire or Thousandaire moniker that you guys already use.

Something like $6 + 0.60 6 max where the top 2 win an $18 ticket.

Step 2 being $18 ($16.2+1.80) 6 max where top 2 win a $45 ticket, 3rd gets a Step 1 ticket and 4th gets the change leftover.

Step 3 would be a $45 ($40.50+$4.5) 6 max where top 2 get $100, 3rd and 4th get a Step 2 ticket, 5th gets a Step 1+$0.40.

Would have to be non turbos to utilize the 10% rake in the example above, but that’s the general idea.


I remember that site. yes, it would be great to give some newbies a little extra time to play with their roll, and a nice way for us oldies to build the skills.

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