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Where can we go to view the number of entries we’ve received for the Gumball Fast and Sexy promotion? The promo details state “Everyday you play Fast & Sexy you gain 1 entry to the giveaway” As straightforward as that seems it’s actually rather vague (especially when it comes to casino giveaways where T&C’s normally over-inundate you with every detail)

If it would mean a player only has to make a single .20¢ spin once per/day during the promo period in order to obtain the maximum amt of entries. Albeit generous qualifying terms, it doesn’t seem logical from the casinos marketing/fiscal POV.

Twitter way it would be nice to see how many entries we’ve accumulated, or better yet a leaderboard showing current entry standings (i.e a way to boost player participation). If neither of those are available (it’s asinine) but will the promo winners at least be listed somewhere on the site? I understand winners are contacted by CS, but it doesn’t state how (via Phone, email, ignition DM, etc). Simply listing the winning Players Initials or usernames wouldn’t be violating privacy. This would not only help give validity to the promo so others knew these weren’t “ghost” winners. And would help ensure winners are fairly notified (I’m sure many would agree its easy to miss a random ph call or email sent to an address that isn’t closely monitored)

@moderators - Any feedback on the above inquiry?