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I would like to see the last 2000 hand history of three card poker how can I can get that?

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The return to lobby functionality on many of the games in the casino is throwing errors in many games, page not found, Script error pages. Happens to me on all types of devices, mostly Apple iMac, iPad on their respective latest iOS versions. It’s also inconsistent where you land when you choose the button and it works. Sometimes I’m taken to the very top level of the ignition site, the home page. Other times the room (casino, poker, live etc) and occasionally to the previous page I was on, for example if I was in a slot game, it takes me to the slots level of the Casino room which is sensible. Some games have landing pages with a short intro prior to entering the game itself. I’d skip those on the return to the lobby. Thanks.

Ik ow what you mean thats there RNG system it cheats players and then when you get that error you start losing. Then they say there system is 100percent okay which is a lie.

About 7:23 tonight I registered for 7:00 $10,777 Guarenteed (lucky sevens). $11 was taken out of my account. There is a software problem as to when I clicked take my seat, table never opened. I logged out & back in 8-10 times to retry but same thing happened every time I clicked take my seat. The 2 balls kept spinning & no table opened…please contact me…LONG time customer…Thx