Add 10NL Zone and 100NL Zone tables

There is also an extreme demand for 10nl Zone. Very popular on the other two sites (WPN network and Chico network). Also, a 100nl Zone would get that ball rolling as well. Those are popular options on the other sites, WPN when its working. :thinking:

Please consider these changes. Even a 2nl for the beginner, but that is not at the top of my wish list.


Thank you for sharing your ideas with us @FutureInsights. I have tagged this post as ‘investigating’ for now and I will go ahead and escalate the feedback and get back to you with an update.

Agreed. The jump from 50z to 200z is too great. If 100z was an option i think It world run every day. I know i would sit it…


Agreed, having these gaps between stakes is not good. I know for a fact that I would pay more rake if 100NL Zone was available. Please add these.

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I totally agree, and I think the same logic applies to even higher stakes and that Ignition should add 5/10NL ($1000) and 10/20NL ($2000) Zone tables. The zone games make it much harder for players to collude, and they also incentivize regulars to keep playing against each other and keep the game going rather than most of the regulars sitting out once the bad players leave/bust like they tend to do on regular tables.

Apologies for the late response everyone.

I’m going to move this over to ‘On Hold’ as we’re going to be looking further into this and other suggestions for Zone Poker in the coming months.


I think it is in your best interest to add a 10nl zone and 100nl zone. Smart players wont make the jump from 5nl to 25 nl and will just keep grinding 5nl until they are rolled for 10nl. Adding 10nl will greatly increase your rake profits and increase your player base.

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Please don’t add 100 zone. It will take away from the liquidity of the 200 pool. Thank you

Any updates?

Hey @FutureInsights,

We don’t have any updates right now but as we mentioned earlier this is something that we’re going to be looking at soon so, as there are further details, we’ll let you know.