Add an option in settings to display stack, bet, and pot sizes as BBs (big blinds)

I’m certain it would be very appreciated by many people (me included) if you added an option in the settings to allow us to display stack sizes, bet sizes, and pot sizes in BBs (big blinds) instead of absolute dollar values or tournament chips.

I would also recommend making two separate settings options for this; one to enable it in tournaments, and one to enable it in cash games. I predict that some people would like this for tournaments but not necessarily for cash games, so making two separate options makes sense. Personally, I would use it for both, but perhaps that’s just me.

Edit: I’ve never played on Partypoker, but after browsing some poker streams on Twitch, I noticed they have this option. Here’s a screenshot of exactly what I’m talking about:

Apparently on Partypoker, you can switch between BBs and absolute values just by clicking on your stack size, and I think you can change it on a per-table basis, which might be an even better way of doing it than my initial recommendation.

We can certainly look into the possibility of introducing this. I’ll go ahead and escalate your suggestion and get back to you once there’s an update :slight_smile:

Thank you, it’s much appreciated.

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I also agree that for tournaments, having stack sizes and call/raise options in BB would be helpful

This would be a great addition and hopefully not very time consuming to feature to implement!

It would be great if this option could be implemented!

I agree! I’ve been wondering why this isn’t the case.

definitely do this this should be beyond easy to implement and theres no negative downside to this feature. TBH kinda sad to see this website be so lacking in modern features

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Im guessing they dismissed this for no reason like a lot of other ideas in this forum. Probably scared it might bring in better players scare off the fish

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I’m willing to bet the lack of this feature is intentional to keep the site geared towards recreational players (like the anonymous tables). I’m personally fine with it as is.


Agree. As long as this site don’t have stupid blind levels like ACR, for example 575/1150

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I like this feature too

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ACR has it, but their structures are so weird that it doesn’t matter. Unless you like being in the final 10 of an On Demand where everyone has between 5.11BBs-8.3BBs.

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