Add Keyboard Hotkey Options

Please add keyboard hotkey support for poker tables. It would be much easier to set keyboard hotkeys for most common actions at the table like, fold, call, bet/raise X% or bet/raise XBB. It would also be nice to have hotkeys to sitout / sitout next bb. Quite a few poker clients out there have already offer this feature, it would be great if Ignition did as well.

Hey @acepicklerick

Thank you for sharing your idea with us, I will escalate the feedback and once we have an update we will let you know.

I just noticed this. This is just crazy! So we have keyboard shortcuts for the FORUM! but not for poker tables!!!

Hey @acepicklerick,

Thank you for sharing this idea and apologies for not having an update sooner. Having hotkeys on the poker tables isn’t something that aligns with our poker model for recreational players and as it’s not on the roadmap, we’ll be moving this to ‘Dismissed’.