Add message/animation to let players know they have made the money in MTTs

There is a message that pops up when a tournament is on the money bubble and is playing hand for hand but there is no message saying hand for hand has ended. It would be great to receive a message or animation on the table that lets players know when they have made the money in a tournament.

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Thanks @DonkeyShow

We’ve moved the topic to our feedback category and we’ll circle back once we have any information


Second the motion. Most sites have this.

I agree, however, I hit the add table button and find the tournament I’m in. I keep track in the tournament info as I’m playing. Tells payout places, level, if entry is closed, ect. Press your current table to get out, but when you press add table again it pops right up again with the info. Not sure if this is what you’re looking for but that’s how I keep track of the tournament

I would like a message to pop up on the table letting me know when I am in the money in the mtt. It could even have an animation similar to what happens when you knockout a player.

That only works until you buy in again. When’s that ever going to get fixed

There is a message to let you know you’re in the money, it’s called the Hand for Hand message that comes up when you’re on the money bubble. If you can’t keep up with when the money bubble is, how are you keeping up with all your tables?

The hand for hand message DOES NOT tell you when you are in the money. It tells you when you are on the money bubble which is different than telling players they are in the money. Many tournaments will have multiple people get knocked out near the money bubble which causes hand for hand play to never happen and the hand for hand message never shows up. This is when a message should pop up letting players know they are in the money. The vast majority of major poker sites do this already. It isn’t a novel concept.


Figure when hand for hand stops or your table fills up you made it

Just stepping in here as we did speak with the Poker Team about this and unfortunately it’s not something that is on the direct road map and likely won’t be something that will be produced or implemented shortly. This doesn’t mean it won’t ever be added, but there are other issues the team will be addressing first and it will likely be a while before this gets implemented. I’ll be moving it to ‘On Hold’ now.

What about fixing where your ranked in the tournament after you buy back in this has been brought up multiple times over the past year and haven’t seen any updates on it

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