Any upcoming contests, giveaways, or bonus codes?

Is there anything upcoming on the forum? We could really use some excitement to drive traffic.

It’s obvious people are growing with frustration with the lack of/ reduction in benefits.

Many are directed here by CS for contest, giveaways, additional promotions, and faster service to handle FAQS. I can’t even recall the last promotion we had here. I’m almost positive it was Halloween.

We certainly could use more buying/ selling post. Maybe something could be tied to that like a promotion or something? (Of course this benefits the casino because funds stay in-house)

Moderators… what are your thoughts and vision for IGNITION CASINO 2023 FORUM?

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Moderators… do you have any feedback to share

I don’t think meds have a say in future promotions

Thank you for your feedback @tpatton2915, I will bring think up in our weekly meeting and you can keep an eye out if we have any forum upcoming contests/giveaways we’ll update everyone. Also, you can periodically check your account messages for any offer given by our promotion team

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Thanks Bianca! I appreciate your willingness to help all of us who visit the forum. Bringing up the idea at the weekly meeting is a very good start.

I’m sure I speak for everyone on the forum when I say we appreciate when moderators go above and beyond as we are at your mercy.

In addition I appreciate your kind words to check my account messages from the promotions team. However the sad reality is that my last 3 account messages in the past few months were messages letting me know of reductions to my benefits or changes in the wrong direction for programs


Well is there any positive news to share now that the meeting has passed? Is there anything to look forward to?

We don’t have any updates at this time unfortunately, but we will post when there is something up and coming.