Anyone get emails?

No complaints here, I recieve plenty of miles bonuses and freeplay (but it’s random or when I inquire about one) but I was reading the promotion page and found this little piece of gold.
Who all has emails that are “bustling with bountiful bonus offers" from Ignition?

Other then emails regarding withdraw/support/survey regarding your experience with support I’ve recieved two emails since I’ve joined.


Hahaha, right! I’ve recently learned their marketing emails are ambiguous and purposely vague.

My email is not bustling.


Mines crumbling

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Well I did a quick search of my email inbox and as near as I can tell the last time I was gifted anything from Ignition was May 2020. Let me tell you, I feel appreciated!


Sounds about right lol

Ya, but guys and girls, do you feel the IGNITION? Where did they come up with the name ignition anyway? Seems like if I was going to make an app in which I weasled a bunch of money out of unsuspecting hard-working individuals, and I liked cars or was a mechanic, or thief in my previous career, I would’ve gone with CATALYTIC-CONVERTER.FU.


Lol I would have gone with with flux capacitor or 710 cap… Just to see who would even know any better

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None really

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Lol…i havent seen any in awhile…I once got a deposit offer and they said they did not mean to send it to me

I get BOUNTIFUL offers, freebies etc from the other sites I play on…just not from Ignition. One sight gives me straight 27% rake back, another gives me free spins, tourney tickets or cash bonuses once a month on average…and I dont deposit even a fraction at these other sites compared to what I spend here at Ignition. Its not a fortune but its a little something from their marketing or player retention dept. that just says “Thanks for playing here at #&@&%&# casino… WE know that YOU know that WE make more money here than many small countries total GDP combined…so here is a small token to show we value your business knowing you could play ANYWHERE else…Thanks again”…or the ones with 27% rakeback know its just industry standard if you dont have other silly perks that you must spend $100,000 to get $10 back…
Just dont get their thought process here…well, I do understand one part…its called unadulterated GREED.