Ask the moderators anything!

I have been on this forum for a while now and I have a few questions of things I been curious about.

Other community members feel free to ask questions

1.) What kind of cars do moderators drive?
2.) What do moderators like most about working on the forum?
3.) Is any moderator looking to advance within the company?
4.) Do moderators work from home? Is this a full time position?
5.) What are moderators doing when on shift but not visible online? (Do you have double duties?)
6.) Do you guys log in under different names at sister community sites or are those different people?
7.) Why do moderators seem to only be available late night on most days. Is there just scheduling conflicts for coverage?

Hey @tpatton2915 , I guess I’ll go first and answer what I can.

  1. I drive a pretty generic Nissan :sweat_smile:
  2. Personally my favorite part about working on the Forum is seeing when players can help each other out with issues or get some advice from each other. That’s partly what it was created for!
  3. Yes it’s a full time position, but no we work in offices.
  4. There’s some backend items some moderators take care of, like reporting etc.
  5. Different people.
  6. Pretty much just scheduling as to when mods are available.

Thanks Foster! I was curious about a few of the questions :joy:. Anyways what would constitute a “generic Nissan” lol

Watching others help/ assist is certainly my favorite things about the community

Are moderators allowed to gamble on sister sites? If so. What are moderators favorite slots?

Generic Nissan just meaning a random sedan lol. I drive a Versa.

We are definitely not allowed to gamble on any sites we share any services with. I’m not sure it’s even acceptable to gamble on ones that are not.

Off topic but how and when donyou recieve your referall bonus?

It should be pretty much instant after they make first deposit. Although moderator will answer with 24 hour timeframe. Hopefully the person used your link