(August 12, 2019) Site Down from Client and Mobile

Getting only home page screen, the page not found error in lobby. Able to log in, but when check account, says connection to server can not be established.

Same here and I was in a Jackpot tourney. Cannot get connected, site must have went down?

LOL at user name, if you are really a bot, no refund for you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (Just kidding)

Hi guys,

Unfortunately, there was an issue last night from approximately 12a ET to 2:30a ET. I apologize for the inconvenience, and if this impacted you financially, please send an email to moderator@ignitioncasino.eu and we’ll look into it.

Also, it looks like the Poker client is experiencing intermittent issues this morning and our Support Team is working on it. I’ll update the thread once it has been resolved.

Have to change my username. You get refunds?

Anybody else having issues with tables loading on Mac? I log in, get like 4 or 5 java script errors, and then when I try to cash game or if I sit n go, whenever the window opens to play, instead of the usual I now get this, every time -

I have tried uninstall/reinstall a number of times and different ways, any help would be appreciated. And yes, I have contacted ignition about this, waiting to hear back…

Sorry, didn’t see this thread. Just signed up for the forum. I will check back here, hope you guys get the kinks worked out soon.

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Hi @NeXTFlair,

Welcome to the community, and thank you for taking the time to post.

I moved your post to this thread as it is related to what was experienced last night. The issue is being worked on, and there is no need to do any troubleshooting on your end. We’ll let everyone know once it has been resolved and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Hi all,

If you are still experiencing issues, it may be resolved by deleting the ‘Ignitioncasino-eu-poker’ app data folder.

For Windows:

  • Close the Poker Client

  • Search Windows for %appdata%:

  • Open the folder, locate the ‘Ignitioncasino-eu-poker’ folder and delete it (not the ‘Ignition Casino’ folder):


  • Re-open the software and sign back in.

For MAC (@NeXTFlair)

  • Close the Poker Client

  • Click ‘Go’ then ‘Go To Folder’

  • enter ~/Library/Application Support

  • Delete the ‘Ignitioncasino-eu-poker’ folder (not the ‘Ignition Casino’ folder)

  • Re-open the software and sign back in.

the poker software is working find on windows wait for a resolution or just enable bootcamp on your mac. OR SWITCH TO WINDOWS :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Thanks, got it working again

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THANK YOU, this worked for me - I just joined because of this problem to TRY to find information and to see if it was only ME having problems!
Now if you could fix my BAD BEATS :wink:

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ok, I have an Ignition Casino folder but not an Ignitioncasino-eu-poker folder, any suggestions?

Hi @grinch,

Are you using Windows? If so I’d make sure this is checked, as the folder may be hidden:


Please let us know if that works.

no im on a Mac

in the application support folder I cannot see Ignition folder or the one you said to delete. I do a search there and the Ignition folder shows up but thats all. No ignition-eu-poker

I’m looking into this now @grinch,

@NeXTFlair did you have to do anything special to find the ‘Ignitioncasino-eu-poker’ folder on your MAC?

still can’t get on site. Still can’t find folder. I tried to doing some research last night but came up empty. Any ideas. Should I delete it and then add it reload it? Thanks