Being insta folded when late registering for a tournament

Sometimes when I late register a tourney, it slowly brings me to my table where it makes me post an ante but insta folds my hand. Very costly at later levels, for example, register, have 5,000 chips, 250/500, utg AA. it auto mucks probably right away if my table isnt loaded by the time I get a hand.

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Hey @LennoxWay, thank you for sharing your ideas with us!

I’m going to split your topic into different parts so we can follow the discussion for each of your points separately.

You mentioned that you had to post an ante and then had to fold your hand, if you have any examples of this happening please let us know so we can investigate (a hand number or time stamp will help greatly).

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I’ve been lazy to respond to this, but this does still happen when I come in when a hand just started and I am in early position. It gives me zero time to act. When my table opens, action already passed me. (Late reg.) If it was ante levels, they will take my ante. I will try to get a screen shot when that happens again, but I did not fold 88 here.

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Thanks for the update @LennoxWay.

After reviewing the tournament from the screenshot you’ve provided I can see that your hand was folded as part of a disconnection.

If this issue happens again while on ante levels, please provide us with a screenshot, a hand number or a timestamp so that we can investigate further.

Happens often, I just always hope it’s not a playable hand. My table doesn’t open super quick when I register, but it doesn’t open super slow neither.

Thank you for providing these details, I’m going to PM you with some additional information shortly.

In the meantime, I’m going to be moving this to our ‘Site Feedback - Dismissed’ category.