Betting on progressive

I wonder if larger betting amount increase your chances to hit a jackpot ? Or 20 c bet have same chances hit jackpot as $100 player bet

@Demmos Great question as we do get that often. Regardless of bet size (as long as you bet the minimum for the progressive based on the game) your chances of hitting a progressive jackpot would be the same.

With the exception of Mystic Elements which states in the rules that a higher wager increases jackpot odds.


Yes, unless otherwise stated from the game specifically.

I do not intend on starting an argument as that is not my intent. I do find this to be hard to believe. I assume there is an exponentially greater number of players that play closer to the minimum bet size. However, when the jackpot weekly list is provided - it is rare to see any winners below a $5 bet and lots of times there are multiple $200 bet winners. So, one would assume that most jackpots are won by the smaller amt. bet sizing d/t the assumption that an overwhelming majority are not making bet sizes above a buck or two. You may be correct Matt. But it is counterintuitive to me based on the above assumption.


Yes and no. Without all the details it is also impossible to know.

More people wagering less amounts could also mean they are starting at much different starting points for of a balance so this would also mean much fewer spins/chances.

Over the last few weeks; they have been 6 progressives hit with a risk of $5 or less and 3 hit with a risk of more then $5. So its still a 2 to 1 ratio

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Ok. I am going to go look at the last 8 progressive posts and see if the 2 to 1 ratio is still there. Just for curiosity. My “gut” tells me it will not.

I wish i could “see behind the curtain”, just once :wink:

Have a great day

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I am not sure 2 to 1 ratio was calculated using a statistically valid sample :slight_smile:

I looked at the last 8 (in order on page, not chronological) progressive win summary posts. Equal to or less than $2 bets were listed 8 times. Bets above $2 (most significantly above) were listed 29 times.

At least in the past few months, a bettor is above is 3x more likely to hit a progressive jackpot. 8/29

I am going to pump it up to $200 per pet on Cyber and win that random! Wait, I only have $62 in acct., cry.

I applied a t score to this data and found there was a statistically significant variance between the two pools of bettors and the likely hood of them hitting a progressive jackpot. The question in my mind is - what is the cause of the variance. Bet size, acct. size, total spins played, sh*t arse luck? I want to see behind the curtain! :slight_smile: …Also, this tscore mumbo jumbo is just me rambling and not actually true.

Im with ya, like im not saying anything untoward is happening … but " the same chance for someone betting .20 to win jackpot as someone betting 5+ " feels like horseshit …tbh IMO if i am betting under two dollars probably not a chance in hell I hit JP…I hope to be proved wrong personally one day

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Once, I hit the jackpot three times in one day with a 40 cent bet on XL slots. I won two smallest jackpots and one mega.



I am so very , very envious! :slight_smile:

Well, LOL, let me tell you about the time I won 30K and lost it all in one hour. True story. Nothing to envy here. Good luck to you, playafade.


I still trying get any Jackpot wheel with my 20 c betting. No luck so far. If calculate all time I was playing I will tell its close to 40-50 hours. But I dont complain. One time I start with $20 and end up with almost $500. Had few good running and fantastic time -)


Amen to that. $200/spin is a hell of a drug…lol


$200 per spin is a sickness lol. I was always under the impression a larger bet increases odds of winning the jackpot, interesting to hear otherwise.

My thoughts exactly. No way, the small bets have the same shot at the jackpots.

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Hit the mini on $2 lol


Yesterday I got $2703 on a $4 bonus spin on 777

Today right after raising my bet to $10 on 777 I got the 3 bonuses and won $160

So Idk about better odds to get a bonus round but don’t think it matters in the actual bonus game