Birthday bonus platinum

How much do you get on your birthday if you’re in platinum. Mines tomorrow just curious

Lately they been doing $125 from what I have seen. Mine was $250 back in November

I don’t know how much you’ll be getting today as a bonus, however, I wish a happy birthday to you!

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Thank you good sir. So far nothing yet

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How long did it take for everyone else to get birthday bonus. Still haven’t seen it yet. They say 24-48hours?

It should be issued on the day of your birthday

It is my birthday today haven’t got it yet

Happy Birthday!

Thank you hopefully I get it tho lol I’m a platinum Member so I should

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What time of the day did you usually receive your birthday bonuses

Today is my bday too and I haven’t received it yet. Last year I got $500 and received it before noon. Hopefully it’s as good as last year :+1:

Happy Birthday to you!

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What level are you I’m platinum so I know mine won’t be $500

I’m diamond level and I was diamond last year too. I was very shocked when I got $500 last year. Especially since it was a one time playthrough. It was a lifesaver lol

Thank you!

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I received mine Monday. I was diamond last year as well. I received 500 as well but with the 5x playthrough this year. But i didn’t cashout anything unfortunately because i didn’t complete the playthrough. Good luck to you though.

What time did you receive it

I believe around 12 pm

I just received mine. $250 with a 5x playthrough… hopefully I end up getting through it. I didn’t deposit as much this last year as I did the year before so maybe that’s why I got 250 rather than 500. But it should make the playthrough easier lol

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I just got mine