Birthday bonus question

So I know ignition has dumped any attempt at player rewards, but I thought you got a birthday bonus of some sort. I thought I saw that somewhere. Mine was yesterday. I did get many other birthday offers, my insurance company, every online add, even bovada send me a bday card in the mail. I must admit I like playing here, it’s easy, I like the format, and I’m used to it, but the player rewards do kinda suck. Let me rephrase, the lack of any customer appreciation is lacking.

@jamisonw65201 To qualify for any sort of eligibility, your account would need to be platinum or above.

You can view this here

As a platinum player, what is the “birthday bonus”?

The amount thats issued would be at the discretion of our promotions team.


Multiple factors are taken into consideration when the bonus is issued so there is no set value I can provide.

So they say that you get a birthday bonus if you hit platinum tier… my birthday came and went and I got no bonus… I was like 100 miles away from platinum and spent almost 2k in a day trying to make it there (made half of it back today) I message them about it and they pretty much laughed at me… not even telling me happy birthday… I asked if an exception could be made due to how close I was and the amount spent… I tried so hard… considering just closing my account down… I heard that bonus is 500$ so I’m really really bummed… I couldn’t get like 400? 450? Like come on guys

That’s like buying a powerball ticket, and hitting 4out of 5 numbers but trying to get powerball to pay you the 5 number jackpot because you were really close.

I’m not quite at platinum level. But my birthday is coming up. Will I be getting a little bonus? Can I get a little bonus? Anyone with hundreds of thousands in their account want to float me a bonus I’d be grateful;) lol