Birthday Bonus Questions

I know that birthday bonuses can be issued up to 24 hours after your birthday, but I was really hoping to play today with the bonus. Having it late is a bummer.

Anyone ever have luck having the customer service dept help expedite this? It wouldn’t appear so given the posts I’ve seen on the forum.

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Happy birthday, @Dstbetting!

The Birthday bonus is issued automatically on one’s account and we are not able to expedite the process but you should be receiving yours by the end of the day. :slight_smile:

If it’s not issued by tomorrow, please let us know so that we can take a look.

i didnt know there was a birthday bonus

how much is it for?

Hey @player1,

Yes, there is a birthday bonus offered to players who make it to Platinum level or above, however, I can’t say for certain what amount you will receive as it’s issued at the discretion of our Promotions team.

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:sunglasses: when does the birthday bonus go to my account? Im Diamond level member!

@Deebooga, Happy Birthday!

As mentioned above the birthday bonus is provided to the account automatically within 24 hours of the date of birth on the account.

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Yep i see now! Thank you!

So how much you get?

she spanked me 1x for every year.

are we talking about the same thing?


Haven’t got my birthday suprise. My bday is June 13th. Send it. I’m platium level. Thank you staff.

@juggi13 The bonus would only be applied on the date of your birthday

Hi. Apply my bonus please. Its my birthday yeeeeeeeee

I am going to need your SS number and mothers sisters brothers maiden name to confirm it is your birthday. (joking OMG dont ban me)

happy birthday!

Stupid… duggie

Its my bday today the 13th. Send it. So I can play rn. Thank u staff

@juggi13 Birthday bonuses are issued by our promotions team which we have no control over adding it.

Keep an eye on your account throughout the day as there is no definitive timeframe that its issued.

U give a bday bonus like its a reload. 100 bonus u can’t use in the poker room. Stop promoting it like its something special… lame ass site just try to loose patron on the easy. I want tourney tickets and 300 like other platium accounts ducking rolling me. F. I. P.

whats up with this casino and birthday bonus!! im 31 today wheres the luv… also anyone know the password to the free roll private qualifier #2 starting in one hour??

@Etterrell23 To qualify for any Birthday bonus, you’d have to be at least level platinum or above. In addition for password related tournaments; if you were eligible for it then the password would’ve been sent to you.

Hi Matt! I’m checking in on my birthday bonus. Turned 60 today OMG
I’ve been playing with you for years and bonus always in my account first thing in am. Mind checking into that for me? I’m a diamond player. Cheers!