Bitcoin Bonus gone

For whatever reason they took away my standing bonus. It’s been in my account since I’ve been a member but they saw fit to take that away from me…it was 25%. Whoever is making these decisions is not a good strategist, when my bonuses are gone I stop depositing.

Crypto Boost was 10x playthrough… 25% match… fully redeemabled… GONE! Now, you have to jump on live chat and ask/beg/persuade the reps for deposit match bonuses. Most Agents got you, but there are some who will tell you that the system rejected your request lol
Anyways, I don’t get it. All the current deposit matches have 35x playthrough requirements. Making one of the bonuses redeemable shouldn’t impact bottom line as 35x requirements will eat up the biggest winnings and there has to be monetary benefit for keeping most valuable customer typ engaged in platform longer because they wihaving owill cause a valuable customer group (frequent depositors) to seek out other offerings and tie up company resources. HOWEVER,redeemable bonus will impact the experiences of two valuable groups, the frequent depositors and live chat agents. Frequent depositors will get more bbuck and Ignition will keep their most resourceful, valuable customer group in-house and free up agents to deal with non-deposit match issues which boosts productivity and morale for all. #bringbackredeemable

@jewell36 Are you speaking on the 25% Bitcoin Bonus that was always available? Note that this was removed November 5th with the bonus changes we announced.

Well you certainly upped the ante with the new bonuses I’ve received the past 2 weeks, thank you.