Bitcoin Exclusive BONUSES

Do you know why the bitcoin exclusive bonus did not show up for me this week after my min $30.00 deposit? Did something change? I deposit quite a bit of money each week but want to see if that is no longer a bonus given before I deposit anything else. Anyone know?

its been moved to $100 minimum to get the bonus. spins are subject to a 35x rollover too.

Are you kidding? Since when?

@Rtoole We are of course sorry for the changes, but you did receive a notification and account message for this on the 8th last week.

this was the first week in a long long time i did not deposit upon waking up on monday morning. ty ignition

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So very true @Rtoole @Foster I don’t see where it’s a benefit to be an Exclusive Bitcoin Member if I have to deposit a min of $100 I am then literally paying for you to give me a $10 Tournament Ticket, 25 Spins at the bare min bet (you may win on an average $2) and $10 in cash miles for my level. I could do that just depositing $100 straight out and still have $50 to continue playing. You really need to up the incentives not the deposit minimum because it doesn’t make any sense.

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yea i agree. Not sure the logic on the $100 thing…That just means they gotta match $100.00 instead of something less. Not sure the logic there?! Been playing for a decade and more on this site and that was a big incentive for me to play weekly here…,now not sure coz i dont have $100.00 every week to throw around and why would i deposit $ if i cant get my bonuses ive earned over the years by building up to different levels…theres alot of other sites that do not require such a high deposit amount to take advantage of their membership programs and such…just saying dont understand the logic,They will be losing alot of long time players


Everyone’s complaining but a $100 deposit for $40+ worth of free stuff with no rollover tied to your initial deposit is still a great deal. $30 deposit for $30-$38.50 worth of stuff was an insane deal and you can’t really blame a casino for not wanting to give out almost a 100%+ match when the initial deposited funds are available to withdraw after only 1x play-through. Even if you ended up with 50% rtp players could pull out the remaining $15 and get $30 of free perks or more for half price . End up with 90% rtp on the first $30 wagered (most games are above this) you could literally pay only $3 for all those perks every week. There were probably too many people exploiting that. After a full year players can still get $1300 of rewards points ( on top of any little drops and points earned) , ,$572 worth of poker tickets , and 1300 free spins @ .15-.50 a pop. With no rollover on the initial deposit! All For an average of playing with $14 a day. Plus the possibility of winning and ending up with way more than that $14. Screaming deal if you are a profitable poker player. I’d gladly take your guys perk and deposit an additional $100 or $200 a week if you guys don’t want em haha

I deposit 100’s a week at times, and I still don’t even get a set of spins. What is that about?

Are you part of the crypto exclusive program?


Huh weird. So you get the points and poker ticket but no spins?

You need to deposit $100 or more in one transaction to get the rewards.

There are legit terms in the terms and conditions that they can terminate your account if they feel you’re abusing/exploiting bonus funds. They have no reason to alter the program in relation to any aspect of such. And while it was a generous offer initially, as it’s better than nothing, but not better than a competing site in the US market.

The sites just got caught with their pants down after living willy nilly, doing promotions that didn’t amount to anything for questionable at best reasons.

Competitors have stepped up their game the last few months, and ignition and sister sites have stumbled over themselves reducing their game the last year. It still just baffles me.

I’m well aware. Not sure how using perks that were promoted is exploiting bonus funds

Unless perks like poker tickets and rewards miles count as bonus funds. Maybe exploring was the wrong word choice, let’s say too many players were using the promotions offered and not running it till it’s all gone. Either way if a business is overall losing money for a specific deal it makes more sense for them to adjust it to create a profit margin than ban a ton of customers