Bitcoin exclusive issue

I made the required $100 weekly deposit about Monday yet again did not receive perk points or free spins. Also once again I cannot reach customer support despite multiple attempts. If someone could shed a little light on the situation I’d really appreciate it

You are not enrolled in the crypto exclusive program from what I can see.

I enrolled once I signed up for my player account. I receive the weekly crypto deposit bonus.

You will get the weekly boost, but you will not get the free spins and points as that is for crypto exclusive members only unfortunately.

I’m aware I have an account with and cafe also so I know how it works. How am I not a Bitcoin exclusive member when I signed up upon creating a player account also the only deposit option I have is crypto not credit or debit card and I know others that are not Bitcoin exclusive members have several deposit options

You would have needed to sign up to the program.
Just depositing with crypto doesn’t automatically add you unfortunately.

This is what I’m trying to explain I joined May 25 2022 at which time I had sever different options of depositing I signed up for Bitcoin exclusive membership around May 30 2022 after doing so I was limited to only depositing via Bitcoin. It’s not that I’m just expecting to receive member rewards simply because I deposit Bitcoin. I expect rewards because I did sign up for Bitcoin exclusive membership and received the standard “thank you for upgrading your account to exclusive” " It will take 24-48 hours before rewards will be available in your account message" I fully understand how the exclusive membership account works I’ve been a member with and cafecasino for years. If I hadn’t signed up for membership I wouldn’t have deposited $100.00 When I could’ve deposited a minimum of $30 at one of those accounts to activate my weekly rewards benefits

I’m afraid you are not signed into the program, furthermore your account has always been a crypto only account from what I can see, this would have been since you actually signed up and made your first deposit with Bitcoin. At this point you were locked to crypto, but as I said you still would need to register for the crypto program, and you haven’t which is why you are not eligible for the rewards sadly.

Had I known that I would have stuck to depositing at the casinos where it’s handled a bit better and the deposit minimum is much lower. I’d like to know what could have went wrong when I clicked on the upgrade your account now button and received the messages stating I would begin seeing members only benefits within 24-48 hours last year what could have possibly happened that prevented me from being enrolled into the program? As I said I’m not ignorant I have other accounts which I’ve successfully joined the same program with no issues like this. Since I’m not an exclusive member what is necessary to successfully sign up for the program since clicking on the upgrade now button doesn’t work?

I’m afraid the program was closed to new sign ups, you cannot register for this now.