Bitcoin Exclusive Questions

Yes, but I believe all the deposit bonuses reset on the same schedule correct (at least they do for me). i.e. - Weekly deposit, BTC exclusive, Bitcoin bonus.

They are all treated individually but yes, most weekly offers will go from Monday to Sunday so reset at midnight

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Has cash back been issued today?

@jewell36 Yes they’ve been added to all eligible accounts. Since your last cashback, your withdrawals exceed your deposits so you didn’t qualify this week

Thank you, that was my next question :grin:

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I didn’t get my weekly ignition rewards either. I understand it may take up to 48 hours, just saying…

@Specialk It looks like they have since been added

What is the time frame for deposits adding up to cash back rewards? I wasn’t eligible Monday but have since deposit several more times.

The calculation goes from the midnight the night before your last cashback and goes until Monday midnight ET. So just at the clock turns to Tuesday

So what I deposited the last 3 days goes on next weeks cash back?

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@jewell36 Exactly that would go into next weeks calculation

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I usually get my bonus rewards after depositing with the weekly boost. Am I going to have to wait until Monday to get them?

@KLove713 upon checking I see you received the rewards on Friday 18th.

Hello @moderators as you probably know I am a diamond plus member as well as a BTC exclusive participant. A few months back something changed with the BTC deposit bonus that I have been receiving. Please note that I am NOT talking about the free spins, 15,000 rewards points, and poker ticket I get every week - those all function correctly as they always have. I am referring to what used to be a separate deposit bonus for 25% AND 25,000 rewards points. This has since been changed to only a 25% bonus with no points and is labeled as BTC exclusive 25% up to $500. Here are my questions:

  1. Why did this change? The only actual benefit of this bonus was the 25,000 rewards points since everyone gets unlimited 25% bonuses for using crypto.

  2. Without the 25,000 points which were removed why in the world would anyone ever use this bonus? The rollover is higher then the standard 25% bonus that everyone gets regardless of whether or not they are BTC exclusive.

Thank you in advance. I’m happy to provide screenshots if needed to explain what I’m referring too, but you guys typically get it (unlike the much less competent people who staff the general customer service chat).

All the best,

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I saw this a couple weeks ago and just laughed and knew if I said anything nothing would happen. I totally agree why would anyone use this bonus at all???

@DJO205 The promotion you are referring to isn’t a guaranteed promotion. This is just a promotion that gets sent out by the marketing team, and is subject to removal or change at anytime. I do understand your frustration at the change, however you may find in the future it will change again to something more to your liking. The only guaranteed rewards are the BTC exclusive ones that you also mentioned with the spins and 15000 points.

@Davy as always appreciate the response, but I think you’re missing my point. Why would a promotion be created that is literally WORSE (higher rollover requirements) then the standard unlimited use 25% bonus that everyone gets (even if they aren’t a BTC exclusive member)? Also regarding your last sentence which stated the 25 free spins and 15,000 rewards points were the only guaranteed BTC exclusive rewards… Are you saying the poker ticket is not a guaranteed part of BTC exclusive rewards? Again not trying to be difficult, but when something is ‘exclusive’ it is supposed to be better or more then what is generally offered.

All the best,

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I do understand where you are coming from, however if you are looking for a specific answer as to why the changed that promotion then I’m afraid I don’t have an answer other than promotions do change on a regular basis.
Yes the poker ticket is a guaranteed part of the BTC programme just to clarify that!
Generally speaking anything you get in your rewards with “BTC Exclusive” such as :
BTC Exclusive $10 + $1 Tournament Ticket or BTC Exclusive Spins - 25 spins on Night with Cleo is part of the guarenteed rewards for being in the BTC exclusive club.
Any other rewards you may be offered such as :
Crypto-Exclusive offer - 25% up to $500 is simply a reload offer, which as I have said is subject to change and/or removal.

And next week starts today?

Yes, the week runs from Monday to Sunday.

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