Bitcoins Weekly Boost

Been waiting for three weeks to get my weekly boost. Your suppose to get a code every Monday but guess what?? No codes were given. Then they tell me they don’t give out codes but the rules says that you do. Then the second week the guy says you didn’t get it because your not part of the club??? No where does it say you have to be part of the club,but the moderator said I’m now officially part of the club and I will receive my weekly boost in 48 hours. Well never received a dam thing. Just excuses and now been screwed over with their 50% crypto match bonus which is a lie. They dont match you. They lock up your funds and make you do a play 35x play thru to just get half of your initial deposit. That’s STRAIGHT UP STEALING. Please tell me what is so good or how does that bonus benefit the player??? It doesn’t. I can’t stand how businesses operate now. Nothing but decieving people to make money. It’s disgusting.

If you’re talking about the crypto-exclusive program you received your benefits this week on February 28th.

No I’m talking about the weekly boost that you guys advertise. That if you deposit using crypto you get a bonus code every Monday to redeem your boost. I never have gotten a code. For the last three weeks never been blessed with the Weekly Boost you advertise.

HERE’s the landing page of this promotion. As you can see it’s not guaranteed weekly.


I didnt get my weekly 100% match either and play my ass off here. I always see moderators have no say in bonuses. I go to the chat and they say they have no say. Seems to be a huge lack of communication on Ignition’s part for not beingbable to hand out bonuses. Youd think theyd take care of the hardcore players, yet they dont. I haven’t played here for 2 days because i can get bonuses and Freeplay or “rewards” on other sites. I don’t use any of Ignotion’s sister sites anymore. It’s obvious that whomever is in charge of giving rewards or bonuses has never been to a physical casino. If they had, theyd understand customer retention… and how to keep spenders coming back. Yes, i win lastvweek, and no 100% match Monday becausenof that? That’s nuts… I play at MGM and get comped $2k and free room, food and $600 towards flight. Obviously i only use MGM Casinos because of this. I assure you they are ahead, even with them giving me these comps.

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Maybe one day Ignition will allow the person or persons that give bonuses to actually talk to a player here. A Casino has a host… i email my host and immediately get freeplay and free shit. Hopefully a moderator will pass it on. I guarantee when you reward your big spenders, they’ll keep coming back, and not going to other sires like i do. Does anyone disagree with this?

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I understand that it’s not weekly but for three weeks in a row and nothing. Then to have a chat personell flat out lie and say you have to be part of the club to get it. What’s funny even my friends who I turned them on to this site never got there’s either. Oh yeah the first week the chat person says we do not give codes for bonuses but in the rules of the weekly bonus you do. So far every answer I have gotten has been a lie accept for the one answer you have given which states you don’t get a code every week. You see that’s the disclaimer right there. I don’t even think you have a weekly boost bonus because you can use that disclaimer every time. I understand business strategies but don’t do it by scamming or lies.

Yeah, and you should give the bonus to the ones who play, not take it away. Chat had no clue about the weekly bonus, then Chat told me i had to make a qualifying deposit… told them id made a few thousand worth of deposits that Monday. Then Moderator says that they give at their discretion. So apparently because I’d won a few days before, they didn’t give it to me. Such shit. That’s the opposite of how casinos operate in Vegas, DC, and any live casino you go to


So here we are at another Monday. Just to let you know I made several deposits again. Didn’t spend too much,about $500 this week cause I’m getting tired of the B.S. So let’s see if I will get a bonus code for the weekly boost that you guys do happily advertise. If I don’t get it then most definitely it’s a scam. That would be 4 weeks in a row that I never received your weekly boost bonus. Got 23 more minutes to go check my rewards dashboard. Please Ignition prove me wrong.

The weekly boost is not a guaranteed promotion as it states on the website, you may not receive this every week.

Yeah I know and I just read the B.S. description on it too. No thankyou. You guys advertise this bonus like it’s something great but then when it comes down to it,it’s not great but worse. Why in the world would someone want to have their deposit be locked up under locked funds and you will have to play that deposit amount 35x thru just to receive your 100% match. So let’s say you deposit $100.00 That $100 gets put into Locked funds. You will have to play $3,500.00 dollars worth to win your match which is $100.00. That is not a bonus but a deceiving bonus. People do not claim this bonus. Why in the world would you want to have your funds locked up and the only way to get them is if you play 35x the amount which chances are your not going to get it. It’s a scandalous way to take your money for sure. Hey ignition,real casinos give you the bonus for being a great customer. What the bonus should be is hey we will match your deposit and you get to spend it any way you want to. If you play thru the 35x u get to keep it. That’s what it should be,not making the customer play 35x for them to win their own money they deposited. Now I now how your bonuses work. I don’t want any part of them. They don’t benefit me but only you guys.

Cash is used before bonus funds with a deposit match.
If you get lucky you can forfeit the bonus and withdraw the cash.
If you lose the case then the bonus is like a 2nd chance to win.
This is pretty industry standard regarding deposit bonuses.
You can of course chose not to use a deposit bonus should you not wish to.