Black Boxes Covering Hole Cards

Oftentimes while playing 2 or more tables simultaneously, a serious of random black boxes start popping up on my screen. They will cover my hole cards, other players’ cards(not an issue), the cards on the flop(HUGE issue), the pot total, etc. When my hole cards or the board cards are covered I have to minimize the screen and then reopen it in order to see them. They are visible for a fraction of a second when they are dealt, then they will be obscured by a black box, like a redacted document or something…very annoying. It happens totally at random, but always when I’m multi-tabling. It makes it very difficult to play; especially zone games where there is only a 15 second time limit! I apologize for not having a screenshot, but it’s exactly as I describe here-little black rectangles obscuring different parts of the screen,.

We have had similar issues presented to us on some other topics. Can you please let us know if your problem is related to either of these threads:



If you believe it to be a separate issue, can you try and provide some screenshots so that we can escalate them to our Support Teams? You can also send these through PM here if there’s any sensitive information.

No, my issue is not related to either of these, however I did post regarding the second thread (“we cannot process your request at this time”). I’ve had multiple instances of this for quite a long time now. I will try to forward you a screenshot of the black boxes I was referring to as soon as I am able. thank you

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