Bonus Funds from Bad Bead Jackpot in Poker

I am clearing a bonus in poker and had my withdrawable cash start going down and I am still using up the bonus funds? I understood the bonus funds would be used first as long as I am not in the casino and then the locked funds before my withdrawable cash would be used.

Your bonus funds are being used first, but if you look at transactions you will see you used all the bonus funds then cash was taken.
No you have cashed out a game so some have gone back as cash and some back to bonus, in the ration that it was wagered.

I actually have bonus funds still remaining?

Yes you do now, from the last cashout.

I will start a new topic…thanks!

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Good Day, I would like to further understand how to clear the bad beat bonus in poker. I have almost depleted my bonus funds and would like to better understand how the withdrawable and locked funds are used?

My understanding was the bonus funds would be used, then locked funds, and then withdrawable cash… I seem to have misunderstood here and would appreciate someone to explain for me again. Thanks!

Do I use my withdrawable cash to clear the locked funds from this point?

As I said above it you have bonus funds it will use them.
Check out this page for more info regarding bonuses