BTC/BCH Deposits Unavailable

Hey guys,

Our Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash deposit options have been temporarily disabled due to an ongoing tech issue.

Our team is investigating the issue and we’ll update the topic as soon as we have more information.

So what about us people that are apart of the BTC exclusive club? We can’t deposit? Awesome.

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Apologies for this inconvenience @Ndot19. Other alternative methods such as Vouchers are still available but as soon as our cryptocurrency methods are back up and running, we’ll let you know.

Thank you Nash! I wondering if it was just me. Glad to know you guys are working on it,

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So my only option is to hope somebody is selling a voucher in the amount I want to deposit? Lol I think I’ll just go deposit somewhere else

any update or an approximate time on when it will be working again.

We don’t have a time-frame at the moment, but our Support team are working on resolving the issue as we speak.

How do we go back to having a card account instead of the Bitcoin account?

I used cards for years before opting into the Bitcoin program here had no issues with any payment methods and when learning that Crypto was down this morning I assumed I could use a card in the interim while the issues on the tech side were being corrected. That of course wasn’t the case.

So I have two options, either at the very least provide my email address to another online person in hopes that they are going to be selling a voucher that I can purchase within the amount I would like to buy. Seems slim and now on short supply because a lot of people are having to do the same thing. Option Two I just create an account for my husband and play using our cards under that one, however, losing any benefits under Titanium because it would be a new account so not a great option for me personally.

I see random comments on these posts about other casinos and I’ll take my money elsewhere. I don’t want to do that. I trust this casino as much as one can trust this type of business in general. I’ve done a lot of deposits over three years here. I enjoy the private, no chat, singular play and the poker is great.

I would hope that if something as easy as just using cards until the issue is resolved isn’t going to be an option. That my “Account Representative” that I haven’t spoken with again since I opted into the Bitcoin account, even though he was adamant about a monthly “Check In Call”, would be reaching out to provide another option outside of a voucher which personally I’m not going to use.

Just circling back to let everyone know that both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are available again as deposit methods.

@Bootymeat1987 If you’d still like to opt out of the program, let me know via PM and I’ll see what I can arrange for you.


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My BCH deposit went through about 4 hours ago, but my account hasn’t been credited

I’ve just replied back to your PM now.

My Bitcoin and bch deposits are still both down

It looks like my btc and BCH options are back online. I’m just waiting on my account to get updated from a deposit a while ago.

Could you take a look at my account? Deposited at 5:46 AM, talked to chat at 11 AM. It is no 6:27 PM and my deposit has not hit my account, sent via Bitcoin Cash, Coinbase says it is complete.

@rainmaker314 We’ll have a look now

Thank You

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Can We deposit with Honey? that would be my preferred method :smiley:

Bitcoin options and Bitcoin Cash option for depositing is missing again. Why?

Sam they are not available on my deposit screen as of right this minute. Not BTC or BCH.