BTC exclusive cashback

Is there an expected delay in btc exclusive cashback today? Sorry I realize it’s just after 12 noon, just wondering if it will indeed be processed today or if there might be a delay.


We have heard of no delays at this time

Believe there is some sort of delay, at least for some of us, was told I was eligible this week but CS rep wasn’t sure when it would actually show up in account, as we are now past 5pm est.

@atticusd Since the date of your last cashback you’ve actually withdrawn more then you’ve deposited so you aren’t eligible for this week. I can send you a PM if you would like the details

Ahh weird, wonder why CS rep. Earlier said I was eligible

Thanks Matt for clarifying. Wonder how he got it wrong I knew it was going to be close given withdrawals and such but thanks, I suppose for saving me the wonder

@atticusd I’ll have to have a look internally on that. Not sure if maybe they just meant generally that you do qualify as cashback is a benefit you have but not that you were specifically eligible based on the calculations since your last cashback.

All good, I mean if it was from the last issuance of cash back, idk, as I lost and deposited back in much of the withdrawal, but No big deal, if ya wanna send me the deets in Pvt message that’d be cool, but no worries if not, thanks for the quick response and clarity.

I’ll PM you now

I was wanting to know if you guys are still doing the cash back on Tuesday? If so am I eligible to receive cash back?

@Mandajo89 We do however you wouldn’t be eligible. If that ever changes, the perk would be listed for you here

Is there possibly a poker tourney ticket available for me?

As part of your perks, after you make a qualifying deposit of $30 or more; a 10+1 ticket would be added for you within 24 hours