Btc exclusive weekly bonus

So I don’t understand why most weeks I don’t get my BTC exclusive weekly bonus? I always get my “special “ thank you bonus offer that is different every week BUT that is NOT the same same as the BTC exclusive bonus.

The BTC exclusive bonus is either (or At least these are the only two I’ve ever received) :

50% at 15x rollover


25% +15k rewards points at 35x rollover (and this 15k is not the same as the 15k you get for making a qualifying deposit)

I don’t understand why some weeks I get my BTC exclusive bonus and most times I don’t. In the beginning I got it every week then sometimes I had to have a mod add it, now i think I’ve had it there once in the past two months.

Before I get the response I know I’m going to get, let me emphasize that the deposit bonus I already used this week IS NOT the Btc exclusive bonus, it is the weekly “special offer” and DOES NOT require BTC to be used .

Any help / clarification on this issue is greatly appreciated @moderators

The bitcoin bonus usually gets added to accounts on Mondays, although sometimes this isn’t the case!
As you rightly said, sometimes it will come with the points attached, and other times its a standalone bonus and the points are added separately.
I’ve added the standalone bonus to the account for you now, as you had the points separately this week,

Thank you so much!! @Davy Have a great day !

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@moderators again this week no BTC exclusive bonus just the special bonus

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The Bonus is added for you now on your Rewards Page. You can redeem it before making a deposit.

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Thank you so much @Jenny!


@moderators hi! I don’t have my Btc exclusive again this week. Can someone look into this?

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The BTC Exclusive 15,000 Rewards Points and the BTC Exclusive Spins - 25 spins on Night with Cleo were issued to your account on June 29th, 2021

Im talking about the deposit bonus it’s either 50% or 25% plus 15k (separate from the 15k for over 30) and the bonus I used this week IS NOT the Btc exclusive bonus that is the separate bonus that changes every week .

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Hi @jaxd4343,

The Match Bonus is available for you now to redeem.

@Jenny thank you!

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It’s the same for me I’m missing two weeks of bonuses @Davy

@michaelta81 Can you please clarify what you’re missing? On my review there doesn’t appear to be any deposits for the last 2 weeks on the account and your benefits for the week of the 21st were provided to you. You also have the deposit bonus referred to above on your account at the moment so it doesn’t appear you’re missing any benefits. Note that it requires a $30 deposit during the week to receive the incentives.

I have not received my free spins for my weekly bitcoin exclusive deposit. Please look into this.

@Yukdaduke, The spins can take up to 24-48 hours to be issued. We see you made a qualifying deposit today and you should be set to receive them likely tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest. If they don’t arrive in 48 hours let us know and we’ll look into adding them for you.

Does BTC exclusive have a CashBack program for weekly losses?

@The_Batman you can see your available rewards here

Can you check on my 15,000 rewards points and free spins I got my 10$ ticket already but not the other stuff

@FLAKO661 The deposit was done about an hour ago so the points and spins would be added within 48 hours. They aren’t always added at the same time

They always get added same day. I already got my poker ticket