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I’m a bitcoin exclusive member. In the last seven days I’ve deposited $170 in bitcoin. Since Monday I’ve deposited 155. I haven’t withdrew any. But I don’t get my rewards because I deposited in increments that were less than 30$. So they’d rather me deposit $30 in bitcoin then $170 in bitcoin for me to get my reward. That doesn’t make any sense to me. I feel like I should get the rewards. I deposited over $30 yesterday I just didn’t do it all in one chunk. Some days I’ll deposit $100 in one day and won’t get my reward because I didn’t do it in a $30 increment.

We can understand where you’re coming from and appreciate your feedback.

Part of the program is trying to make it as simple as we can which is why the system will look Monday to Sunday for the qualifying deposit of $30+ in one shot.

If we changed it to a total of $30+ that can be made throughout the week it could cause confusion daily as to whether someone has qualified or not and it just leaves more room for error when needing to carry over previous deposits day over day.

So when I deposit $170 in the week I get the same rewards as if I deposited no money? So I’d be better off not depositing at all if I plan on spacing out my deposits?

Also I deposit bitcoin almost every day at Ignition and at least every other day. A lot of days multiple times in one day.

You would still be accumulating Ignition miles during the week for that play and any reloads attached to the deposits but no, the spins and points won’t be added as this is how it works for everyone.

Ignition miles that are good for rewards in their slowly dwindling perk store. Soon they will be like cafe casino and their perkstore will be more like a store That’s gone thru a toilet paper craze with empty shelves.

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It just doesn’t make any sense from Ignition‘s standpoint. I could just deposit $30 a week and get all the rewards and I’d actually be depositing four times less than what I usually deposit in a week. Which is less money going to Ignition.

So if I deposit $30 in bitcoin tomorrow will I still be eligible for this weeks reward?

Yes you’ll still be eligible as the week goes from Monday to Sunday.

Follow the guidelines and you will get your rewards…pretty simple…

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