Calling All In - Poker Bug

In poker, pre-action buttons to call all in don’t work. When an opponent that has a larger chip stack raises an amount that would put me all in and I select the pre-action button to call all in when it becomes my turn I am faced with new action buttons asking me to fold or raise all in, despite my opponent having a larger chipstack so I wouldn’t even be able raise all in only call all in. Maybe that is why the pre-action of calling isn’t being recognized, because when it is my turn it is asking me to raise all in when it should really ask me to call all in.


Thank you for the feedback. I can understand how not having a ‘call all in’ option working properly can be a little inconvenient. I’ll pass this along and move the topic over to ‘Feedback - Investigating’.

We’ll follow up with you when we get more information.

Any progress on fixing this?

@DonkeyShow the feedback has been provided and we’ll be sure to update this thread should any change take place.

It would be nice if you guys could fix this long-standing bug. :wink:

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It’s been a few months since I mentioned this bug. Is there a plan to fix it?

@DonkeyShow We’ll take another look into this with our team and see if we can provide an update as to where we are with this.

I’m sorry for the delay in circling back to this topic with any news.

I’m going to rephrase the issue to hopefully make it more clear. When an opponent with a larger chip stack than me raises me all-in I should be presented with the options of folding or calling all-in. But currently I am presented with the options of folding or raising all-in. I shouldn’t be given the option to raise all-in considering its impossible to raise a bet that puts me all-in, but instead should be given the option to call the bet putting me all-in. This is causing the pre-flop action button, call all-in, to have no effect.

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@moderators I’m curious why this issue still hasn’t been fixed?

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Hey @DonkeyShow, our Poker team has let us know that this is something in backlog and that they will be working on an update.

Once we have more information, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, we’ve moved this over to ‘Site Feedback - In Backlog’.

This hasn’t been fixed yet. Has there been any progress?

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@DonkeyShow Unfortunately we have no further updates since it was moved to backlog.

It would be great if you could please remind the poker team about this bug, thanks.