Can a mod help me out please :)

Hey so i made a qualifying deposit a few hours ago and still have received my weekly bonuses, (free spins, $10 tourney ticket, and 15k reward points), if somebody could help me get those id appreciate it.

Rewards seem to be lagging to be issued, mods are just gonna tell us we have to wait 48 hours though

@moderators how is it gonna work out with tomorrow being Sunday?

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Dang thats to bad, it seems like there is always something going on when ive got time to play either the site is down or something else haha, still my favorite poker site though.


As I can see, the perks are already on your account,. The best of luck to you!


Im having an issue with my rewards as well

Yep! theyve came in now, thanks though.

it took me like 7 hours to get mine, i think the rewards are running behind

Mine still are not added

This was responded to via another thread.

the last few weeks i did not receive the weekly crypto boost right away, usually automatically comes when deposits, but the last few weeks comes with the next weeks deposit bonus offers. Make sure you spread out the time of when you use the bonus and rebuy the weekly crypto boost. You don’t want to go down the road i did trying to explain it is a week behind, and where is the bonus. Monday or tuesday is weekly bonus have been showing up and little gifts.

When does week begin to get 15000 free spins and tournament ticket

It’s Monday-Sunday. So new week starts tomorrow.