Can we please get a fun tournament between 7 and 8 pm eastern

Can we please get a fun tournament between 7 and 8 pm eastern


@meatball Apologies for the delayed response.

Are there any specific tournament structure that you’re looking for?

With more information, other players will be able to show their support for your suggestion.

You guys keep taking tournaments away, and again tonight you take away the $55 5k at 9 pm. Sundays have gotten incredibly dull and there is still nothing between 7-8 pm eastern.

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Hey @meatball,

We’re constantly making updates to our tournament structure and with the removal of the $5,000 Guaranteed (10K Chips 10-Minute Levels) - $50 + $5 at 9:15p ET, we are soon adding a new $4,000 Guaranteed (10K Chips 10-Minute Levels) - $25 + $2.50 at 9:30p ET.

If there’s something specific that you would like to see, let us know. That way more players can show interest and support in your suggestion.

The 25$ and 150$ monster stacks getting added back to the schedule would be great.

No need for players to show support for my suggestion. The numbers spoke for themselves. They boasted some of the biggest prize pools every single night.


I think a daily PLO 5K guar. non turbo >$33 would be popular like they one on Sunday ($75+7 5k guar.)

More >$33 non turbo tournaments with at least 5k guar. that starts before 10pm eastern. I rarely play the $44 6-handed and $82 thousandaire tournaments because it starts too late.

I think these daily tournaments can be removed on special days like Sunday where there already so much to choose from. I know I can only play about 7 to 8 tables max and the bigger guarantees are my first options. Causing overlays in the normal tourneys on those special days.

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we need more 40 + tournaments specifically between 6-8 pm eastern weekdays. Also, the Sunday schedule is bare bones. there needs to be at least a good early 55 and 109. It used to be perfect with the 109 3pm eastern, 125 k0 at 4:15 eastern and the 109 6max at 7 pm.

You could just bring back the monster stacks. we just need something. as of now there is not really a reason to start playing the tournaments before 8 pm eastern