Can you please process my withdrawal

I don’t understand why when it’s supposed to be under 15 minutes withdrawal requests are taking so long can you please process my withdrawal

Where does it say under 15 minutes per request? I see 15 minutes per installment, which is different than processing time. My request today took over 2.5 hours to go through…higher than usual, but I’m not complaining.

Every withdrawal is a subject of 24 hour timeframe.

2 years ago I and many others received an email stating that accounts at a certain level and higher would no longer be subject to the 24 hour review process that all requests would be processed immediately and not take longer than 15 mins I am now waiting 24 hours again like I did when I signed up in 2020 so please tell me what is now the fastest withdrawal method seems to me you guys are hoping people will continue to reduce their withdrawal amount resulting in a zero payout I did my own study using Bovada the first withdrawal took 24 hours the second after 12 hours I reduced it to the amount I initially deposited kept playing on the amount put back to my play balance reached 16 hours my withdrawal was still not processed so I intentionally bet high and lost my play balance now I’m at 17 hours but I had rewards points so I redeemed those at 18 hours still had a play balance and my withdrawal still not processed so I intentionally lost my play balance as fast as I could within 2 minutes not even 19 hours the moment my play and reward points balance was at zero and my withdrawal was only the amount I initially deposited my withdrawal magically processed. I find it funny that the games were paying until I made the withdrawal request and I hit zero bonus modes on any game for an entire 7 hours until the site took back everything it had gave prior hmmm :thinking:

Why are you commenting on every post I make with a negative response seems to me you are a brown noser and probably a greenhorn to this casino and you probably hope kissing butt will get you some perks by continually responding to others posts talking yourself up like look at me I’m better than everyone I get what I get and don’t throw a fit please give me free perks and credits added to my account I can promise you that is never going to happen lol you’re just another account number like everyone else!

As far as I am aware all withdrawals are subject to an “up to 24 hours” processing time.
They do get issued a lot faster in some cases, but this would largely depend on the volume of requests at that time.
The 15 minutes you are referring to is after the processing has been completed.