Can't install new update on poker client

Try to install the new update on the windows desktop poker client. Get these error messages:


i’ve tried deleting the folder in %appdata% and get the same errors

tried emailing support and they told me i should delete my cookies. this is an issue with the windows desktop poker client, not the website.

This is the second error i get after pressing ok. Capture2

i’ve tried reinstalling many times, same issue

Can you please try all the re-install steps listed HERE and the troubleshooting steps for the client HERE (doesn’t matter if it isn’t a MAC) and let us know if they work?

thanks for the links. i went through and did all of those steps, same issue

Can you please provide your IoS, the device or PC your playing on, as well as your Internet Service Provider? Can you also let us know when this starting happening?

Also, are you using any Third Party software or HUD’s when playing?

If you would rather this remain private you can PM this information HERE.