Cant sit down in freeroll im registered again

As title states. Registered for tonights freeroll, can’t sit at table, only option im given is to view table. This happens almost every other week. Uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared cookies and cache, restarted.

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@Scramjones we’re sorry to hear this is happening to you. If it happens again, could you please take a screenshot of what you are experiencing on your end? Your explanation is pretty clear but a screenshot will also be helpful.

So, preregged freeroll, tourney time comes around, software doesn’t launch it. Open the lobby, and only shows “View Table”, not take seat. Had to load up the buggy ass browser version to play.

I moved your post to this thread too @SoloAsylum, did you happen to take a screenshot of this happening? Also, is it only happening for the Weekly Ignition Rewards $2,500 Freeroll, or is it happening for other tournaments too?

No, because like most people, my concern is about not losing chips, not making screenshots and videos that won’t go any further than this forum.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, the software and the site coding is garbage. Find a new publisher who can start from barebones and do it properly.

I’ll go ahead and do that the next time it happens. Just seem to happens on the Thursday night freeroll. Regular games and Sunday freeroll seem fine, so it’s not a huge deal or anything, but sometimes those freerolls get me enough to generate more money to keep me going till I can deposit again. Will post with screenshot of it next time. Thanks William

I have registered in the $2500 GTD Casino Reward but I can not open my table after clicking on ‘View Table’. I believe the issue when player’s MTT rank is above 1000 then the poker client will not seat you at the table.

The second issue is MTT lobby only display the players at the table with MTT rank less than 1000, Example Table 1 shows 8 players (lower left) but the middle section (Table 1) lists only 2 players.

Hope this information helps with the investigation.

This happens to me all the time to. I found out if I play on the download version you can’t go to the table sometimes, but you go to your browser it will take you go your table. Hope this helps you.

Thank you for the information

Registered for 3 months of freeroll and could only sit at one, only option im given is to view table. It is the same as everyone else on this thread. Very frustrating.