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Ok so this is something that if not already needs to be addressed. The cash back bonus is great and all but there is one major issue that need attention. You deposit money/bitcoin all week but if you have more then $10 in your account that bonus is forfeited. This is a problem in many ways in one way you just wasted depositing money to receive no bonus. Two why call it a bonus if no matter how much you have in your account you don’t get it that is wrong for those who make many deposits. As a diamond player and not even receive that bonus is wrong it should be given to the top tier players no matter what. Also to being a top tier player and only get $20 free play is a joke it should be more like $350-$750 weekly bonus because if you hit 3,000,000 play through points you deserve that and to the top tier players who don’t play at all during the week drop that down each week by a percentage and put a minimum cap like $100. So these bonus should also be together as one with play and deposits determining what amount is received.

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Welcome to the forum @seanhutcheson569,

The requirement for your account balance to be under $10 was removed in a recent update our promotions team made to the Bitcoin Exclusive program.

The way the weekly Cashback on crypto losses works is this; every Tuesday the program will look into your crypto deposits, subtract your account balance, and your withdrawals since the last issuance date. If the number is positive, you will receive 10% of that balance.

You can check out more information about this along with what other benefits are available to you from this promotion here.

Please also note that all our promotions are offered at the discretion of our promotions team and any additional ones would be issued at their discretion.

Ok so then why didn’t I get mine yesterday and treating your top tier players with discretionary bonuses doesn’t make people want to stay around. The better you treat those players the more they will play and more encouragement for lower tier players to reach that top tier. So does that included withdrawals I started but canceled because I played a lot made several deposits but only received $20 in free play.

I’ve sent you a PM now with more details on your eligibility.

I totally agree diamond level players should get some extra perks. Currently there is no incentive to keep making deposits. Slots are tight as sh*t lately and I am given the same benefits the lower tier players are getting.

@moderators Have I ever received a cashback bonus? If so, I’m not aware of it.

The cashback bonus isn’t apart of your Bitcoin Exclusive rewards, which is why you haven’t received it.

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How do I finish unlocking my 21 dollar poker bonus? Can I just get a 20 dollar tournament voucher instead? If you look I’ve spent enough money that I don’t think it’s unreasonable.

You would have to unlock it while playing in Poker

Hey mods I’ve had several thousand more in deposits then withdrawals since I’ve last received a cashback bonus. I was expecting one to drop last week yet it never came. Thought FOR SURE it would come this week with even more losses but nope. Can you check this for me? The only thing I can think of is that I had a $1500 canceled withdrawal request that the system maybe counted as a withdrawal? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated

@Ra4arara Since your last cashback April 19th; your withdrawal are higher then deposits so aren’t eligible this week either

Can you show me the transaction history from the past 2 months

I’ll send you a PM

Matt so the little gifts sent out of ignition miles is no longer a thing ?

Yes, they would still be added randomly


So, is Cashback a thing? If so for whom?

Where can I check if I’m signed up for cash back bonus cus I be spending quite a bit here?

@That_1_goat You can check on your rewards here
Cashback is not a perk you will receive unfortunately.