Cashback delay update

Hi everyone,

We just want to let you that there seems to be a delay with the cashback been issued and we haven’t been advised as to how long this will take to be resolved.

You will be updated once further details are provided.

any update on this, bianca? thanks

Yes updates are much appreciated. If mods could expedite that’d be kick-ass :blush:

No update @mods?

Hi guys, I’m sorry for the late response.

We’re still waiting for an update in regards to the cashback, As soon as further details are given we’ll notify everyone immediately.

Thank you for your patience.

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Wow this is just great… 2 weeks in a row you guys are on a roll

It’s more often than not , unfortunately. I would like to see ignition get this figured out more reliably.

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Can u at least issue the 25$ chat bonus if you will not have it figured out soon

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There’s a chat bonus? I need me some chat bonus. :smiley:

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Any update?

Hi everyone,

The Technical Team is working to get the issue solved, as soon as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.

Thanks for keeping us updated😉

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Wow some update! Seriously?

I think we all deserve a bonus for having to wait!

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Definitely deserve at least 25$ chat bonus i have been authorized in the past for times when incompetence was apparent

At first you guys had trouble doing it every day now you guys can’t even do it every week and no compensation for your guys mistakes very unprofessional

I did the same before I’m ready to call it a day here for good

Hey everyone,

Here with some good news as the cashback team has notified us that cashback should be running today after all. We don’t have a specific timeline but it seems likely to be prior to 5p ET.

Apologies for yesterday’s delay.


Thank you Foster for the update😊

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What’s this about? Wonder if I’m missing bonuses I did not know about. When I first signed up it said on their site that I would receive a free $25 chip after every time I reach $500 in deposits I think I’ve gotten it twice LOL I should’ve gotten it much more but what is this cash back thing everyone is talking about I have only ever received ignition points and I am bitcoin exclusive I only get the deposit bonuses that are the same every single week and what’s the chat bonus I’m in chat all the time and I never get a bonus LOL