Cashback missing?!?!

Hi so im wondering if there is a delay in cashback? Tues. By 530 pm is when its suppose to be posted but its not

There was no delay, but you aren’t eligible as your withdrawals are above your deposits this week.

Could you see about my crypto cash back its been months since i have gotten one

You don’t appear eligible for this I’m afraid.

Why not

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Not every player is eligible for cashback, this is a benefit that only a few players on the program have.

I haven’t ever got free spins and I’m bitcoin exclusive.

Can you please check on this gif me?

That doesnt even answer the question. Well explain to me why I had received them before. And being a diamond reward player level. You tell me how can i quailfy to be apart of that special player shit.

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Note that while your payment options are limited to crypto you are not part of the crypto exclusive program unfortunately. This was simply limited by the payments team. The program is no longer offered sadly.

These benefits can change at anytime and do routinely. The program team likely changed your program.