Cashout never happens

I’ve been playing on a regular basis, I’ve never cashed out anything, when I did try to cash out it didn’t work! This site sucks, don’t waste your money!

Welcome to the forum @Macmall, I don’t see any recent withdrawal requests in your account. What kind of error did you encounter?

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Casuals do work I’ve cashed out well over $2000.07 several times and it takes 24 to 48 hours

im having the same problem where it wont let me cash out my funds , it says there “locked funds” how can i withdrawl them?

Takes only hr or 2 everytime ive cashed out to bitcoin wallet using this platform. Connected to visa card so can load bitcoin use it like cash it converts it for you can evenbuse at the atm if ya like .check it out :+1:

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You need to meet rollover requirements before you can withdraw locked funds

or release the bonus