Change monster mtts to start with antes

Starting super deep stacked with no antes causes less players to enter early on because the pot sizes are so small compared to players’ chip stacks that players don’t miss much by waiting to register. Monster stack tournaments should have antes from the beginning of the tournament to encourage players to play more hands and build bigger pots early on. I see 5 monster stack mtts on the daily schedule and only 1 of them, the 40k guaranteed, has antes start from the beginning of the mtt. The other 4 monster stack mtts have antes start at level 8. Starting the monster stack mtts with antes from level 1 would cause more people to enter earlier and cause more entries overall.

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@DonkeyShow We appreciate the feedback on the tournament format.

Anyone else play these and have the same or different feedback?

Antes at beginning are always better, but that wouldn’t encourage me start earlier. 15k starting stack is enough for me to want to start on time, don’t know about others. The tourneys that I NEVER start on time are those 666, 777, 888, 999 tourneys. Said it before, nothing been done. But yeah, add antes, why not?

Agree with Lennox. Antes do not make a difference, when stacks are huge (600x BB like).

Would not change my mind.

Some tournaments start with way too many blinds. 250bb starting is much better. Can even add a lot of different levels with really small blind increase at the beginning stages of tournaments. Nobody wants to register with 1000bb

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