Change the format of a MTT

So the $15 + $1.5 $500 Guaranteed (30k Chips Super Turbo) that starts at 13:15 EST basically never runs. It is a tournament slot that is being taken up by a format that is not very popular at this time slot, it basically never runs, the low Guarantee on a $15 tourney is evident of this. So I was just seeing if it was possible for someone to look into possibly changing the format to something like a (10k Chips 10-Minute level) or something similar that will run at the $15 level at the time slot. Thanks

Hi @Steven

We can certainly look into this.

I’ve moved this topic to investigating and in the meantime would welcome all other feedback that others may have on the topic.

@Steven I just wanted to circle back and let you know that as of February 19th, we’ll be removing the Daily 1:45p ET $500 Guaranteed (30K Chips Super Turbo) - $15 + $1.50.

In it’s place we’ll be adding adding a new $2,777 Guaranteed (Lucky Sevens) - $15 + $1.50 Monday to Saturday at 1:07p ET.

We’ll also be changing the current $1,500 Guaranteed (Turbo 6-Handed SS) - $20 + $2 to a $2,000 Guaranteed (Turbo 6-Handed SS) - $20 + $2 that takes place daily at 1p ET
changing the current $1,000 Guaranteed (Turbo Unlimited Re-Entry) - $10 + $1 to a $2,000 Guaranteed (Turbo 10K Chips) - $10 + $1 that takes place daily at 2p ET.

We’ve updated this topic to delivered.

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That pretty great, thanks for the update and change!