Changes to Cash Games

Earlier today we released an update that has addressed some reported concerns for Cash Games. Going forward, blinds will be automatically posted and it’s no longer possible to sit out at a table without having posted at least one blind.

We’re interested to hear your feedback about this, so let us know.


I think it is a positive change. It will get cash games started quicker. :+1:


Very positive change. Thank you.


I liked the old way, you could see how many players were at the table and choose the table. I do not like short tables or starting new tables. It takes away choice, if I join a table with 3 or less players, I will log off and try to come back later.

I understand the purpose of the change, but I am not a fan. The main reason is that I don’t like to play heads up or 3 handed, and now when I join a short-handed game, it will sometimes auto-post the blind before I can quit. Not really ideal.

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The old way wasn’t ideal either. Any ideas on how they could improve this situation, besides reverting back to how it was before the change?

One potential idea that would solve for my concern above:

When you join a game and the BB gets to you, pop up two buttons: “Post big blind” and “Quit game”. Count down from 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, if you don’t click on one of the buttons, the blind gets automatically posted (similar to when you can chose to show your cards after a hand - if you don’t click anything, your hand is automatically mucked).

I just want a few seconds to see if I want to stay in the game. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this concern given the prevalence of short handed games (especially at 5/10 and 10/20).


i do think dans idea here should be an option and not to force a bb post on someone like it is being done now.

we need a better system all together the current one is broken.
tables do not fill and get stuck at 4 max.

we at least need to know how many players and tables are running at a given stake.
also a waiting list should be an option.

Exactly! Ignition should NOT expect its customers to act as prop players. Prop players get paid to start games and keep three-handed games from breaking up. This seating arrangement is a big problem for limit hold’em players. If you play no-limit, you can try to avoid super-short tables by sitting at nine-handed tables.

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