Chat connection issues

I’m new here and i haven’t been able to reach an agent. I had an issue with a bonus being applied and had to email and wait over 48 hrs for it be rectified. Tried connecting to chat at least 5 times for 20 minutes each only to be told a representative wasn’t available. Tried calling the phone lines and was told nobody was available due to COVID. Is this the usual customer service I should expect?

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Pretty much.

Your only real viable option are the awesome moderators on here. They are very helpful. :+1:

@rotorooter Welcome to the Forum.

Is the issue at least now fixed? I do of course apologize if you had so many issues the past few days. There were some website issues over the weekend that has caused us to be a bit back logged especially in regards to our customer service channels and wait times. In the future I would encourage you to simply come here and ask us as the response times are generally much faster than through email especially if time sensitive.

hey thank you for responding. the issue is now fixed and i was given a small bonus as compensation. i was hoping for a little bit larger compensation for the issue. i’m thankful for what i have but if you were able to give a little bit more compensation i would definitely appreciate it.

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I am having the same problems here as well. Should I private message you @Foster?

@rotorooter I do see that the bonus provided to you was for the issues as well over the last few days, unfortunately this is preset amount based on the promotion team in charge of this and changing the compensation level isn’t something we can do.

@Jfern11 You can certainly do so if having any particular issues. You can PM us HERE.

Ok I think I just messaged you directly, but I’m not quite sure. Lol. Still kinda new to the forum

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