Cheaters, bots, and colluders

Cash games are unplayable. Used to be great games here filled with fish. I used to play as high as 5/10 and have good games. I moved down to .25/.50 and .50/1. It’s not uncommon for all 5 seats except me to be playing 20% or lower VPIP, no open limping. The players are perfectly aggressive on the river and bluff catch in spots insane for low level players with regularity.

I also frequently see stuff that is very clearly super using or house accounts collecting extra “rake”. Here’s a great example: player at 10% VPIP over a decent sample size opens AQQ5 UTG, gets 3 bet (at a stake when this is AAxx 99.99% of the time), instantly 4 bets and snap calls the 5 bet shove. Flop is Q high and runs out clean.

I was refunded $26,000 last year due to unspecified cheating that ignition refuses to provide any modicum of detail on. Since that time, cash games are aboslutely infested with cheating and bots. When you ask the support what they’re doing about it, they have nothing to say, other than they have “security measures”.

Go google “best poker sites to use bots”. Ignition comes up first EVERY single time.


well you moved to lower stakes and players at these levels are more likely to be inexperienced or just dont care since it’s lower stakes and are just straight gambling

We do have a poker security team who check for things like bots.
They are of course removed when found.

I love how in the middle of a Keno hand it craps out you can’t view your numbers that for that hand how do I know I didn’t hit it for a hundred thousand and it kicked me out just so I didn’t have to pay me out. Yeah I have often wondered about house players too you know we could always boycott I already stop playing poker along ago

Phone on the keno topic anybody else want to play keno and actually count to see if it highlights as many numbers as it’s supposed to and doesn’t highlight some of them twice. I admit I’m crazy sometimes but I’m also pretty sure I saw that once or twice at Cafe but it is a sister site so who knows.

26,000k holy **** that’s a big refund more then what I get back on my taxes and I claim 4


Ya can you elaborate on getting refunded? What were you playing, did you reach out, ect. I play the highest stakes and always wonder about collusion or god mode or some giant donk runner runner. I have contacted them multiple times to investigate a cash game i was in but never hear back.

I was mainly playing 2/5 and less so 5/10. Probably had also played maybe a few hundred or 1-2k hands at most of 10/20. I wasn’t playing much volume so the amount of the refund surprised me. I did not reach out to them at all. I just logged in one day and saw my balance was about double what it was, then looked in my messages and saw they had reached out to let me know about the refunds. They didn’t give more detail about what happened despite me asking them several times.

@Davy This is what i want to know. Davy invite the other mods. I have wondered, posted and reached out multiple times about cheating when i guarantee i have been in games where its happened and as its happening. from 1-2 up to 10-20. How many times have i asked the live chat to inspect. How many cash games would you have to play to get refunded 26k? Getting refunded 26k would mean would mean at least, AT LEAST, playing 100k with 25% you are playing bots or colluding or god mode. I guarantee i have bought in and played more than 400k over the past 4 years and can literally see the bullcrap and called it out multiple times. How did he get a something back and the guy who knows whats happening doesnt? Becuase i actually withdrawal i get punished? For people who are reading this, my “iginition miles” is diamond at 6,436,640. You can pm me but im not answering my phone

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