Converted points to $$ and it disappeared!

I converted my miles into payable dollars and as soon as I hit the button it disappeared!!! Gone!! Chat help said wait 5 minutes and clear your history…didn’t work. My entire balance gets wiped out by a glitch and now I get to wait 24 hours to see if they give it back!?!

Anyone else having this problem? I will update if I ever get my money back!

Apologies for the delay in responding to you on this.

We are aware of the issue and it’s being investigated. Any Miles that you redeemed will be issued to you once the issue has been resolved.

I tried to convert miles to $ and they just disappeared?!

Sorry about that! We’ve got our support team looking into the issue. Keep an eye out here as we’ll update everyone as soon as it’s fixed.

Yes! It just happened to me too!

Count me as another data point. :expressionless:

They are working on a fix. I’m sure it won’t be long

Same issue here

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Any word on when issue will be fixed?

Unfortunately not yet, but we are actively working on it and aware of it. Apologies again however for this.


Its gonna take days guys…they started with 5 minutes, then 24 hours…whats next?

Can we get an update on the status of our missing funds?

The issue has been resolved, and any missing points will shortly be returned back to everyone. Apologies for the delay :slight_smile:

@sam bonus to everyone on the forums for the nightmare?

We’ll look into compensation on a case by case basis for those affected.

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how about who ever likes your post in the next 3 days gets a bonus?

I don’t think so :slight_smile:

doesnt let me flag your post???

how about in my case?..and just think when i get a bonus you are indirectly helping the homeless because i give to the homeless.