Converted points to $$ and it disappeared!

Any time frame yet on missing miles?

I started this issue and got bent over by support on it…I deserve compensation

I agree… woke up yesterday to have $27 in rewards and tried to claim it and it disappeared and haven’t seen anything since and chatted with someone yesterday they told me to keep checking back to see if it’s been there and still have not received anything

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On top of that because I really want to play I make a deposit and I’m still waiting for my Bitcoin to be deposited

This issue has since been addressed and should be fixed now.

@Missmel19 If you’re still missing anything can you provide more details like the time you redeemed them and exact amount of reward points you’re missing?

Same happened to me yesterday, I reached out multiple times with specifics on everything regarding this issue. I did this via live chat, as well as email. Nothing has been given back, nothing has been resolved.

@Jesswheel You’re missing reward points seem to have now been returned now on review. You should be able to redeem them.

I just woke up and it happened so and I was just so excited I didn’t get to see the exact amount but it was yesterday morning around 9 I went to check and see if the issue has been resolved from the previous night because it took $0.33 and then $0.55 in Rewards and I had $27 and something cents in Rewards I went to redeem mm it said bonus successfully claimed and zero has an added to my account

@Missmel19, you’re missing points are returned now.

Awesome thank you very much

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@123gus yours should now be available as well.

Mine too had disappeared. Approx. $ 7

Would have been awesome if we didn’t have to reach out mods/chat support team to get them back after issue was resolved. Was expecting auto adjustment

i have also lost around 8.50 in bonus funds

@rs1234 @Etterrell23 Should be sorted for you now.

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thank you

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This is ridiculous I get accused of being a lier over 11 dollars really after all the money I’ve spent here. I got 15 dollars worth of reward points today I bought 2 5+.50 poker tournament tickets and got 5 dollars and something worth of a cash bonus. Well tickets disappeared no where to be found or any trace of them after he clearly said he sees them on his end then changed it saying it must have been another site your thinking about wasn’t here. Won’t get a dime from me until this is fixed. It’s ridiculous to get accused of trying to cheat y’all over 11 dollars that’s the funny part 11 dollars lol.

Hi @Cody_123,

We have sent you a PM in regards to this.