Crypto Cash Back

These are issued weekly on Tuesdays by 5pm EST?

Does this end in May 14th or will it continue?


@789789 We don’t have an approximate time frame for crypto cashbacks as it stands right now and yes, these will continue after the 14th.

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Okay thanks for the info, keep us posted if you’re able to provide specific weekly time estimate for cash back to be issued thanks.

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@Matt. But we are set to get Crypto Cash Back today, right? Please update us if so…and let us know the timeframe as you find out. Please. Thanks

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Crypto cashback is now being issued to all eligible accounts.

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Eligible accounts? Aside from being In the Bitcoin exclusive group is there anything else that can make you not eligible?

By eligible I did just mean accounts that are part of the Exclusive program and eligible as per this this link. (Note, not all members of the program are eligible for the cashback reward)

@Foster. Awesome!!! Thank you for the update! :slight_smile:


So just to be certain I am eligible then right? I believe I am, but havent received it yet so just curious

On our end it does appear you are eligible. We also see that you’ve now received the cashback.

Am i eligible Foster?

@Barbm555 yes, you were eligible and cashback issued


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can someone confirm if cashback has been issued yet for this week and if I’m eligible thanks

Crypto cashback hasn’t been issued yet, and we do see that you are eligible. As mentioned above:

You can use this link once logged in to see you’re eligible benefits.

When will it be issued?

It is likely to be issued within the next few hours, but we don’t have a specific timeframe at the moment. When we have a clearer window we’ll update the thread immediately.

Hi Foster,

Am I eligible for the crypto cash back that will be issued today?

@789789, you are eligible for the program on our end, however, as your withdrawals are larger than your deposits over the week you don’t appear to be eligible for any cashback this week.

Okay no problem just wanted to figure that out. Will be depositing shortly :slight_smile: