Crypto deposits of $50 entry to giveaways

Made a $200 deposit I’m crypto exclusive member and I don’t have any way of knowing if I was entered in the giveaway had a message saying the the giveaway was back but I should have gotten 4 entries into the current giveaway if it’s $50 to get an entry correct???

If you deposited $200 then you will gain 1 entry. It’s $50 or more per deposit.
You can read more about the promo here

I made another deposit of 50 and a couple for a hundred also can we have multiple entries at all cause I should have about 5 if all are credited on a $50 or more per depoair???

Gain one entry automatically per eligible deposit, of $50 or more - there are unlimited entries.

Sure would be a nice birthday present to win the $5000 it closes on the 9th my bday is the 10th would really raise my spirits seeing how I’m down about $3500 down here for the last 2 weeks :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

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The promotion mentions winners will be contacted by phone, and listed on the forum. Can you confirm where that will be posted within the forum so we can keep an eye out?

Also will the $$ automatically be deposited into the winning players Ignition account? Just making sure a confirmation/response isn’t required by the winner in order to receive the prize.

We will post winners as and when we get them, and yes, funds would be deposited automatically.

On what day of the month are winners drawn and what area code is the number that will be calling the winners?? I don’t answer numbers I don’t know.

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@moderators no reply?

It wouldn’t be a specific date but rather when our marketing team who is running the promotion does the draw. It could be Monday, Tuesday, etc. The phone number would appear as a 1-800 number.

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What is the number you will call from so I can accept calls from that number?

@CSC720 as Matt posted above.

Can you confirm what day of the month the drawing will take place?